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    Nov 2018

    A Cleaner Way 2Work

    Cleanliness is next to godliness (or so they say) and so it’s fortunate that we’ve got a great range of cleaning products from the 2Work range, which Tom finds particularly helpful as they are colour coded (simple minds you see) for the different areas they can be used in.

    All the products from the 2Work range comply with the relevant HSE legislation and CHSA approved where appropriate meaning that they will comply with regulations that make them suitable for you at your place of work.

    Every cleaning liquid container has clearly written instructions of what objects they can be used on so there’s no confusion for the ‘first-time’ cleaners including the method by which to clean so there are no excuses for mixing up the solutions. There’s even a helpful ‘diluting guide’ on each of the products so you can see how far the chemicals will go before they run out. The 5-litre super concentrate cleaner diluted actually works out at around 10p per bottle, that’s cheaper than your local supermarket!

    Buying the 2Work Cleaning range from us also supplies you with Safety Data Sheets, which isn’t provided by supermarkets, which comply with COSHH regulations and as a business you SHOULD have these sheets on site.

    See the handy guide for the various cleaning products by 2Work.

    The simplicity of the 2Work range could be understated so you can just get on with the cleaning but having the chemicals is only half the battle to keep the cleaners happy as you also need to make sure you’re doing your part too (no seriously you can’t just be a messy unhelpful office worker!)

    Is your desk tidy at the end of the day? Now I know some of you are thinking ‘I work well in a mess’ or ‘even though it’s messy I know where everything is,’ but while there are benefits to having a tidy or a messy desk, it’s a good habit to keep it tidy for those who are cleaning your desk.

    Top Tip: don’t annoy people who work when you don’t, you never know what surprises will come your way.

    Dirt and germs can get everywhere around your desk and you may not even know it; like when your telephone is near your mouth (and others mouths): just think of all that breath (I know we like to keep it formal) around your phone. Think also of your keyboard that easily traps dust and grime under the keys (hopefully you’re not eating your lunch while you’re reading this). For your own health, it’s a good idea to keep on top of the cleanliness of your workstation.

    A lot of companies put in place a ‘tidy-desk’ policy at the end of the day so things can be reset (both physically and mentally), drawing a line under the day so you can come fresh to your work the next day. This is especially key if you’re hot-desking as you don’t want to upset your colleagues that haven’t had enough coffee in the morning.

    And the best bit? Scribble & Ink can not only provide you with the range of 2Work Gear but we can provide the mops, buckets, sponges etc. to keep your storeroom fully stocked and ready to clean.

    See the 2Work Cleaning Range Here.

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