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    Oct 2020

    Benefits of Shredding

    Shredding seems like a standard part of managing your business… and you know, it’s probably worth thinking ‘why shredding?’

    Here are three reasons why shredding is important to your business.

    Keeping it Legit!

    Every company has a legal obligation to protect the data customers supply them with. With this is mind, you need to protect your in-house information too. Companies are held accountable in the UK which means security needs to be taken very seriously.

    Problems can occur when the risks are not fully understood and proper care hasn’t been taken to dispose of data correctly (whether that be physical or digital).

    What Customers Expect

    Customers tend to trust those companies who they use and want to be reassured that their data will be safely dealt with and won’t be accessed by any unwanted third party.

    The legal aspects of breaches have severe consequences as well as your company’s reputation. In our modern world we can be both victims of cyber-attacks and physical data being misused and so physical confidential waste destruction is still a necessity.

    Protecting your customers’ data is of utmost important. With different destruction companies offering various ways of assuring data destruction you can be confident that you’ree treating the information you have seriously.


    Storage can be a pain when you constantly have to find space and/or money to keep physical data secure and safe. When you store data physically there is always going to be that potential risk so when you outsource your shredding to a trusted service you can make sure that both time and money are being saved as well as not having the headache of storing confidential information on site or in a paid storage facility.

    Scribble & Shred

    We’ve offered a confidential waste service for a few years now: we can arrange a one-off or regular collection, install a convenient lockable storage cabinet that can be emptied regularly.

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