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    Jun 2019


    It’s a ‘sorry-not-sorry’ moment when we say that humans aren’t meant to work to long periods of time (so the science says). Breaktimes are important for employees to be productive and personal well-being is also encouraged.

    When staff members don’t take proper breaks it can actually damage your business. The big difference will be noticing the difference from not doing work and having productive breaks.

    Here are some ideas to making the most of your breaks:

    Fresh Air

    If you’re ‘stuck’ in the office, you should really consider getting outside and taking a lungful. Natural light is much better for you than artificial light and fresh air is much better than recycled indoor air.

    If you couple your break with taking time in nature then you can actually lower your stress level. If you can’t get out to nature, bring some to you and pop a plant on your desk. 😀

    Move It

    Like getting out (and away from your desk) exercise has been known to make you feel more energetic and focused when you’re working. The gym isn’t particularly the answer either (as you can’t realistically gym it in your breaks). A short brisk walk can help or an intensive ten minute workout can do the trick.

    Lack of Screen Time

    The digital age is amazing but due to our over reliance on our devices, our attention spans have lessened to a massive degree (some research saying our attentions are less than a goldfish).

    It’s tempting to jump on your phone during your breaktimes and ‘catch up’ with what’s going on. This has a negative effect so encourage people to step away from their phones. Go for that walk or bring a book to get your eyes rested.


    Laughter is a powerful anti-stress device. Some people reallyneed to laugh and let your stress levels die down. It’s been known to be good for the immune system, to calm people down and relax people. Combine that with reading and you can have a funny book on hand to relax people.


    Mindfulness as a concept is quite popular as a anti-stress activity and maybe meditating can be of help (many celebrities including Paul McCartney swear by it) but it might not be for you. Slowing down isn’t a bad thing in the slightest and taking time to come away and simply think can really help you recharge.

    Eat, Drink, Sleep

    Cutting out junk food is obviously good for you, but healthy food can affect you wonderfully and combined with drinking lots of water can refresh you and keep you focused. Of course we love to have tasty food but long-term benefits will help in every area of our lives.

    Got any other suggestions for productive breaktimes? Message us and tell you your experiences.

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