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    Mar 2020

    But… What if My Copier Isn’t Doing the Thing…?

    It’s true what they say that you never really consider all the times something has gone right. You’ve got a photocopier or printer and you’ve printed at least 1000000000000 copies off of it but then… the planets align, the ghost in the machine is unleashed and everything stops working.

    The photocopier has stopped working!! Red alert, women and children first… OK maybe it’s not particularly the world ending but it’s frustrating when you can’t get on with your job because of the machine in the corner not pulling its weight.

    Firstly I want you stay calm and take deep even breaths. Think of something relaxing like Stephen Fry telling you a whimsical story. If you’re in a chilled place, let’s see if we can solve the problem:

    Is the Power Light On?

    No I’m not trying to be patronising, it’s important to check that what you’re assuming to be correct is. Something might’ve been moved since you’ve last used the copier and a lead that only needs 3mm more to be connected has come out and it just needs a little push. Worth checking.

    Is the Paper Tray Empty?

    Another simple fix but have a quick look and then check the paper is sitting in the tray correctly. After you’ve checked that make sure the tray is back into the machine. Look, I know it’s like teaching grandma to suck eggs but it’s worth checking. Have you taken the paper out of the packet? We’ve heard of people just putting the packet straight into the copier. Look, it’s not going to work.

    What Does the Copier Say?

    Check the display screen as this will (99% of the time) tell you what you need to do to sort out the issue whether it be low on toner, paper jam or a low drum unit. These things are frustrating but don’t forget these are complex machines who… can get stroppy quick.

    What About Another Printer?

    Sometimes the issue can be narrowed down by using another printer. Can you print to that different printer OK? If you can then it indicates that the problem is with the original one.

    What About Another Computer?

    If you use a different computer to print the document and it’s successful then the issue probably lies with your computer. Also worth checking.

    Testing 1,2.

    Many printers/copiers will allow a test page printing – if it prints alright then it might be a problem with the data in the file not being received or there’s a problem with it.

    Is There a Bigger Issue with Your Computer?

    Can you still email from your computer? Are you still connected to the internet? All of these things can count towards solving the issue with your lack of printout. If these things aren’t working then obviously there’s a bigger problem at play.

    What’s Been Going on in the Office?

    Has there been any updates recently on your computer or in the office in general? Has there been an IT upgrade and you need to get your computer in line? Software updates can easily have a knock on effect to seeing your report not appear.

    Well… that’s all I’ve got for you. If the issue still persists I advise getting a stress toy and squeeze it until the pain goes away.

    Joking aside, try not to get too overwhelmed as I know all to well when you there’s a very frustrating situation one can get too much in your own head.

    Pop the kettle on and take five, maybe the printer just needs a time out…

    Good luck.

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