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    Sep 2019

    Desk Health

    When we say ‘desk health’ we’re not talking about your office workspace eating it’s five-a-day! We’re talking about your health while you toil away in the office in front of your computer screen.

    Here are some tips (most of which are quite straight forward) and how we can help achieve a healthier work environment.

    Back Up!

    Making sure your lower back gets support is a major factor in reducing back pain. Make sure your chair is adjustable to the right height where you get your support. See the recent chairs we’re offering here.

    See that your knees are slightly lower than your hips and use a footrest if necessary.


    Did you know you can get repetitative strain injury from not being in the right position using your keyboard? Adjust your chair so your arms and wrists are parallel with the floor. Your elbows should be at an L-shape too.

    Your keyboard needs to be right in front of you while you work keeping around fives inches between the edge of the desk and the keyboard. This will help to rest your wrists between typing. Some like to use a gel or fabric wrist rest for comfort.

    Floor It

    Your feet need to be flat on the floor (crossing your legs can cause a mild rise in blood pressure). Being in a comfortable position is important.

    Another option is using an adjustable height desk (also called sit-stand desks). As people say ‘sitting in the new smoking’, so the revolution is to spend time standing as your desk. Daryl our MD has been using one for years now and has seen some great health benefits.

    Eyeing Up

    Your computer screen should be about an arms length away with the top of the screen roughly at eye level. Don’t be afraid to invest in a monitor stand, which can double as a storage space (or buy a couple of boxes of paper and use the reams to booster the screen.

    When you don’t have the screen at the right height you bend your back which will eventually cause you problems.


    That will rodent needs to be as close as possible. Some mousepads (if people are still using mousepads) have wrist rests which can be useful (see above). It’s advised that if you’re not using your keyboard, move it to one side so you can use the mouse easier.

    Glaringly Obvious

    If you find there’s glare coming off of your screen, identify it and remove it as much as possible. Dimming the lights, anti-glare filters, adjusting the screen settings and even pulling the blinds are really important factors to keep your eyesight well and you working efficiently.

    Bifocals can also be a factor of eyestrain. Avoid using them and if need be consult your optician for a better option for your screen work. Anti-blue light glasses are available too.

    Easy Now

    You shouldn’t need to reach far for any item you’re using like the stapler, paperwork or the phone. If you’re twisting and turning in any way you need to reposition your desk.

    Speaking of your phone, if you’re a regular phone user then maybe a headset might be better for your focus and efficiency. Absolutely avoid balancing the handset between your face and shoulder as this can cause strain in your neck.


    As we’ve said before taking regular breaks can really help your efficiency and focus. In fact, shorter and frequent breaks help your back than fewer longer breaks: your muscles will thank you for it.

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