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    Apr 2019

    Should You Still use Physical Diaries?

    Diaries? Still? Obviously for those who are trying to sell you diaries the answer is obviously yes (and of of course: buy them from us too)!

    We all know the world is moving at a faster pace than some of us want to: technology is marching on at an impressive and all-dominating way. With our smartphones attached us constantly, we ask the question whether the physical diary is still worth it?

    The Modern Way to Play

    The accessibility of our phones is immense: since it’s there all the time it’s handy and there are a multitude of apps out there to help even more, that’s not even coming to the actual in-built calendar on your phone.

    If you don’t like one app then go searching through your app store as there are plenty to try to find the one that suits you.

    The biggest advantage we see with our phones is the synchronisation we can do between not only our devices but others too. With a couple of clicks you can book that meeting, plan that networking event and set reminders hours or days you need to be there.

    See a range of calendar apps here

    Are you finding though that your phone has become your boss?

    Is that ‘helpful’ little device becoming a little too shouty with the constant alerts, beeps and bleeps that is demanding your attention every five minutes?

    It’s like a group of kids all vying for you to spend time with them and while checking these things can be (or are) important, sometimes what you need is to take time away from that little slab and get back to being real.

    The Old Ways Are Best?

    So, are there any advantages to a physical paper calendar? The wonderful thing about humanity is that we are all different with different ways of thinking and of working; no one-size fits all.

    The information you put in your phone can end up taking a lot of time, but actually you just need to take the notes you need: plus you don’t really need to remember that postcode so why can’t you just get to the next menu…?!?

    A pen and paper solution hasn’t hassled people for many decades and arguably it’s a safer way of keeping information secure.

    Although we pride ourselves on our phone’s security, these devices can be hacked: they are nearly always connected to the internet while handy is also open to the risk of being attacked.

    That physical diary with possibly sensitive information in it won’t ever get hacked by anonymous!

    Physical diaries don’t run out of battery (we know you feel the pain) and they don’t require you to sign up to anything or pay a subscription and they certainly doesn’t beep and vibrate at you to get your attention. When you’re writing you have complete control on the information you need: no conforming to that app doesn’t quitedo what you want.

    So what’s the conclusion? 

    It comes down to personal taste, whether we’re keen becoming paperless or we prefer physical diaries to keep up motivated. Whatever is the best way to get you working and making sure you’re keeping on top of things.

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