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    Feb 2019

    Fairtrade Fortnight

    The last week of February and the first week of March has become ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ in a bid to highlight those who pay for our lives. Many of these people in the third world aren’t actually paid fairly.

    The Fairtrade charity has made some leaps and bounds to bring the poorest fairer pay.

    Cocoa Farmers

    2019 sees the focus shift to those who grow cocoa in West Africa and hopefully open the eyes to the injustice that carries on in our world today. Fairtrade feels that everyone is entitled to a living income, which is enough money to live in dignity without struggling to pay for essentials.

    Women in particular are being concentrated on during this fortnight. The women in Côte D’lvoire who are cocoa farmers, not only plant and harvest the beans, but they are looking after children, carrying water, collecting wood including cooking and cleaning for their families. In a lot of areas women even have fewer rights than men in their communities.

    These women deserve a living income rather than the poverty that is so prevalent withinthe region. A typical farmer in this area will live on an estimated 74p a day. The amount they earn isn’t enough for these hard workers to live above the poverty line. By giving them £1.86 a day they won’t live in the lap of luxury, but they will be able to afford clothing, medicine and schooling for their families.

    Fighting Against Injustice

    On Monday 25thFebruary a petition will be live put from Fairtrade to the UK Government to encourage developing countries to put poverty reduction first. See the petition here.

    Buying Fairtrade items will also help people in these countries to get a fairer wage for their work. As one slogan from Fairtrade states, ‘chocolate is a treat for us, a living income is a human right for farmers.’

    During the two weeks of Fairtrade Fortnight we will be giving away Fairtrade Kenco coffee sticks and Cafèdirect Tea bags with our deliveries. We have a lot of canteen Fairtrade items available here,

    There’s more you can involved in by visiting the Fairtrade website add link, liking, following and sharing their Fairtrade Fortnight content from Facebook

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