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    Dec 2018

    Fancy A Brew?

    Do you know how important tea and coffee is? I suppose when you consider that on average around 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day… take that number in, would you? 2 BILLION!

    It’s reckoned that in the UK alone around 95 million cups are drunk every day so I’d say this tea and coffee thing has probably taken off… the percentages of where these drinks are being consumed are interesting too as 65% of the coffee consumers drink at home (responsibly of course) and only 10% delight in drinking in cafes, bars and restaurants.

    Down in the bunker (or in others words: our Scribble offices), there’s a bit of a rumour that those who partake in the caffeine are “coffee snobs” and won’t accept the instant coffee but did you know 80% of UK Households buy the granules especially those aged over 65. If you tried to give that to some of us here, you’d the same face when you try to force a child to eat a sprout.

    The “millennial” (16% of all coffee buyers) often frequents coffee shops, a booming business where 80% of people return there once a week and 16% return on a daily basis.

    Gosh, that’s a lot of coffee!

    It’s not just a British thing though, in fact, coffee seems to do a lot of travelling as those precious beans are mostly grown within 1000 miles of the equator and in fifty different countries. Central and South America produce approximately two-thirds of all the commercial coffee grown and is the second largest export in the world behind oil.

    But it’s not only coffee that you should be concerned about: there’s the delightful and spiritually centring tea!

    Whereas coffee easily demands the big stats, tea is drunk by 84% of the British people, which includes herbal infusions (legal ones) making 165 million cups a day are consumed; this equates to 60.2 billion a year!

    Tea bags are very acceptable as 96% of drinkers take them from them and a whopping 98% take milk and for those who are mildly conscious of the caffeine intake: it’s around half the amount per cup.

    Imported tea is produced in vast quantities from China (2.2 billion tonnes), India (1.2 billion tonnes) and Kenya (400,000 tonnes), looking back in 2015. You’d be wrong, however, if you thought that Britain was the largest drinker of tea in the world as it’s the Republic of Ireland who holds that crown but do not worry as we come in a close second.

    Obviously, we consume quite a bit in the bunker – just don’t forget that it’s easily included with your other delivery items; we’ve got quite a range and think of the stress you’d save your accounts team by having all your supplies on one invoice (and no need to use petty cash)!

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    Statistics: Centre for Economics and Business Research, April 2018

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