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    Apr 2020

    Funning-Up the Office

    We’re not talking about a reboot with Ricky Gervais, we’re talking about funning up YOUR office!

    Look, you spend so much time there whether that’s physically, but also mentally. With so much time spent there, you and your employees really need to make it more than ‘just’ a work space and actually it might help your mental health.

    ‘Funning up’ can increase a sense of unity within the office, building relationships that support and encourage one another.

    And of course you know that January 27th is National ‘Fun at Work’ day (I know, they’ll just nationalise any kind of day nowadays) so why not give some thought to the fun!

    Bring Your Dog to Work Day Funning up the Office

    We LOVE bring your dog to work (although the cuteness that dogs bring can sometimes hinder as well as help). Dogs are brilliant at reducing stress and are good at helping colleagues interact and who doesn’t like when the little pup gives you all the attention?

    Unwind Activities

    It’s a really good idea to have breaks during the day. While on these breaks don’t be near your desk as you need to break or without that disconnect you won’t be as efficient. Have things that are different around like adult colouring books, brain teasers or even some computer games. Taking this time can help creative thinking!

    FRIENDLY Competition

    Possibly not for those who are very competitive: a little competition between staff members creates a camaraderie and help unwind from work stress. Fantasy football league, quizzes and maybe bringing in the best homemade cakes can make the room smile.

    Create Your Space

    Do all the desks look the same? Bring in a little colour and fill it with things that will inspire you in your work. Pictures of loved ones, plants (which are excellent for wellbeing), gadgets or small toys can help you make your workspace your own.

    Free Bar (Not Really)

    Keep your kitchen stocked with coffee, tea and whatever your team need to get through the day. Caffeine is your friend…

    Get Flexible

    We’re not suggesting you hire Mr. Motivator (will the Boomers tell the Millennials who he is please) but if it’s doable loosen the chains! What we mean is let people work remotely now and again, a fresh space can really inspire.


    Give credit to people for their work. A public forum of open celebration of people’s achievements can really gee up the workforce. It’s not just about work-related items but when people have been kind, generous or helpful in other ways. Tell the world!

    Now You Can Hire Mr. Motivator

    Moving about (or as some call it ‘exercise’) is not only good for your health but it’s good for  your happiness. When you move, endorphins are produced which are happy chemicals in your body. Think about it: if people are happy at work then that’s going to be way more conductive to productivity.

    More Celebration

    When you hit milestones, celebrate them and celebrate them well. Get a pizza in, buy a round at the pub (depends on your staff size!) or just pull lots of party poppers but don’t let the slog consume you.


    Wherever you’re heading, make sure your team know it and are always going for it and are excited by it. Make posters and put them up of your vision and/or values so everyone is on board.


    Work can be boring and dull or it can be something different. Imagine a bunch of employees not only coming to work eager and happy but producing great work.

    Fun it up!

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