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    Mar 2019

    Getting Shirty

    Our modern world is just so full of choice (and we know because we’re offering such a large choice of clothing). When it comes to work shirts, we’ve got a LOT of choice but sometimes you may need a little hand getting the right thing for you and your staff.

    See our handy little key below so you can see what the features mean for your shirts (so you don’t get shirty).

    The Fit:

    The Classic:With a generous cut across the shoulders, the classic also has a loose fit around the waist and back pleats. The collar is narrow with the fabric boasting a herringbone effect.

    The Tailored:Compared to the slim fit, the tailored fit is more generous around the chest and waist giving you more room to move. This shirt also has a featured left chest pocket, pearlized buttons and adjustable cuffs with a contrasting inner lining.

    Slim Fit:A tapered cut through the waist and midsection creates a perfectly fitted shirt which flatters the body. This fit has darts along the back which shapes the shirt to define your waist. 

    The Fabrics:

    Poplin:A smooth and crisp texture with a slight sheen made from fine yarns. Great for professional settings.

    Oxford:Made from either cotton or a cotton blend with a textured finish that is naturally wrinkle resistant.

    Twill:A softer fabric that drapes well, easy ironing and crease resistant which typically has a level of shine dependant on colour and manufacturing processes.

    The Collars:

    The Classic:The most traditional collar, suits all shapes and sizes.

    Button Down:Originally designed for polo shirts, the button down is the ultimate smart-casual shirt design. Great for more casual working environments and modern formal settings.

    Mandarin:A featured borrowed from traditional Chinese gowns. Popular with hospitality and healthcare workers.


    Two button adjustable cuff:As opposed to usual two-button cuff, the second button is to the side to give you a choice of how tight the wrist holds.

    Adjustable Cuff/Cuff Link Option:With a button or a cuff link, the cuff can be adjusted to the wearer’s wrist.

    Double Cuff: A formal cuff doubled over usually held together with cuff links or silk knots.

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