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    Feb 2019

    Getting Shredded

    GDPR came in last year and we all needed to get so compliant!

    People’s data is important and if you’ve got the responsibility of handling and processing customers’ information then you need to make sure that it is securely dealt with whether it is kept on paper to memory sticks. This includes instructions of how the information is destroyed when the data is no longer needed.

    One of the best ways of securely destroying data is shredding it, and not just shredding it but by cross cut shredding to a security level of p-4 (“For highly sensitive documents and personal data subject to high protection requirements” – International Standard for Security Levels DIN 66399.)

    At Scribble we supply (and recommend) the Fellowes brand of shredders which not only boast jam-proof technology but are also industry recognised, award winning and have full customer support facilities.

    The more secure microshred range really take a load off the mind as they shred more to an unrecognisable state with less noise disruption (best of both worlds) and for those who are looking for maximum convenience we have the AutoMax solution that is probably the best alternative to off-site services of shredding.

    The shredders even come with three different anti-jam models with reverse settings, jam blocker that stops thicker papers from over-feeding and some of the posher models come with Jam Proof which not only measures the paper weight, it powers through wrinkles and maximises productivity with instant feedback from light bar.

    There are even safety features that are exclusively used (and patented by Fellowes) for the most secure experience possible. The AutoMax uses a feature that allows you to leave documents in a tray and it’ll auto-feed itself (much like Tom at a buffet).

     If the hassle of having your own on-site shredder isn’t something you want to consider, then we also offer a confidential waste collection service where we can provide a locker where you just feed the paper, arrange a regular collection and we’ll issue you with a destruction note for GDPR compliance.

    Here’s what one of our customer’s had to say about their Fellowes’ Shredder:

    “We’ve had our Fellowes shredder for a couple of months now and loving how easy it is to use.  We load the paper into the top, wait until there’s a decent pile, press the button and then leave it to get on with it – hands free!  We’re very pleased with it so far and would recommend it to any small/medium office or even for home use.”

    So much paper!

    Let us help you out.

    See our range of Fellowes Shredders Here

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