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    May 2018

    How Green Can Your Office Be?

    The ‘green office’ – it’s more than just a band wagon. The environment is important!

    We can’t always be eco-warriors and change everything on the planet but we can change our habits in our personal lives and that includes our office.

    The place to start is to look around your office and address the areas where waste seems to be an issue. ‘Being green’ is more than just a one-shot thing.

    To truly see a change it needs to be part of the culture of your business, which will then become part of your reputation. It can also give you a great sense of wellbeing.

    Here are some ideas to ‘get green’:

    Come On Baby Light My Fire

    Where possible utilise natural light to the fullest extent. Blinds or thin curtains can allow a reasonable amount of light through without increasing the office warmth too much.

    The aim is to get as much natural light as possible into the room. Use eco-friendly bulbs to reduce your energy bills like LEDs which are kinder to the environment.

    Everything Changes but You

    When it comes to changes, it’s little things here and there that end up being a lot. Replace your office stationery and paper with recycled materials, including more eco-friendly produced paper.

    Couple this attitude with a harder policy on only necessary printing and you’ll see less usage overall. In our modern world of larger smart phones and tablets, there’s less emphasis on printed material.

    Could we ever really go paperless? Maybe, maybe not but utilising the technology available to us and spending more now to see less out in the future is a good investment.

    It’s Getting Hot In Here

    Everyone has different temperature preferences and while some like it hot, others need only to walk a couple of steps to feel warm!

    It can be an investment in eco-friendly air conditioners that sees the happiness level of the office sky rocket…ish.

    These eco-friendly air conditioners automatically adjust the temperature according the range that’s input. These devices can also turn themselves off thereby saying time and money.

    I Wish I Was a Punk-Rocker with Flowers in My Hair

    A great idea that might not be for everyone is the idea of a Living Roof.

    It’s a garden that literally sits on the roof of your building almost like the building is hiding under all that greenery or like a Hobbit-hole. (Then you literally make the ‘Green Office!)

    Not everyone owns their own building and can’t make their offices and factories greener but the environmental benefits are enormous. Not only can a Living Roof boost the local area with extra greenery, they can absorb rainwater and even boost workplace productivity.

    You’re So Vain (I Bet You Think This Blog is About You)

    We all want simple easy ways to make beneficial differences and a quick solution is to let your employees know that they all have to avoid creasing unnecessary waste.

    Education and reasoning are key in seeing real change; different bins for different types of waste and encouragement in using these bins.

    Making your office greener comes down to culture and seeing the changes from the top to the bottom, sharing the vision and letting it become part of your story.


    On our website, we have a whole section dedicated to the green office that you can see here.

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