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    Oct 2018

    History of Scribble… So Far

    Back in the mists of time, way before apprentices or even customer services co-ordinators were born (not all of them, just the ones that work here). It was a dark time when we couldn’t instantly look at cat pictures or argue with strangers across a vast electronic network (the internet, if you didn’t know I was getting at that). 

    In the year of our Lord 1992, which was famous for the birth of singer Sam Smith and Bill Clinton getting elected, Rick Whitemoor, having spotted a gap in the market, started filling used cartridges in his house and sold them to small local businesses. This legendary business was known as ‘Inkost’ (some more “mature” customers may still remember this name).

    His business developed and soon he moved into a startup unit which in turn led to moving in 1995 to Signal Buildings (some would say it’s become the heart of the west country).

    Ian Preston, our current Technical Director, has been a part of Inkost since 2008 when he brought his business Laser Print Services into the company increasing the scope of the business. He has over 20 years experience in maintaining and repairing printers across the region.

    7 Signal Buildings has seen many changes from indoor portacabins, paint jobs and new services but the major change came in early 2014 when Inkost became ‘Scribble & Ink’ under the Directorship of Daryl Fulls who joined the business having spent 28 years working in the family business Moshulu He brought the experience of building a team who together built a brand and in so doing a chain of retail stores and e-commerce business.

    But… it didn’t stop there…

    As well as repositioning the company to sell original and compatible toners with Laser Print Services skills of printer maintenance, Scribble & Ink began to supply stationery to their customers increasing the value of using the business. Soon it was obvious that Scribble could offer a near complete holistic supply service to the south-west with toners, stationery, photocopier rentals, refreshments, janitorial and much more.

    It was in August 2015 that a brand new company was formed within the business – ‘Scribble & Think’ a graphics design company to cater to small to medium businesses that need that extra something from a designer to help with their branding, websites, promotional material etc.

    Darren Graydon and Daryl formed a partnership in Scribble & Think with a company ethos of human interaction over a faceless way of doing business, using similar values to Ink.

    Scribble & Think has grown to include two full-time designers and an apprentice (one of the designers used to be an apprentice here too!) still operating from Signal Buildings.

    It’s nearly a completely different team from the days of Inkost to Scribble, but still has the same spirit to bring you your office supplies with great service at reasonable prices.

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