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    Jun 2019

    Less Stress

    Stress is a problem. Last year the biggest known survey was taken on stress levels in the UK and maybe the results would shock you.

    Three quarters of people taking the test said they were overwhelmed because of stress.

    Only 9% of people in the workplace claim to not have had stress and with higher earners tending to suffer more, it means it’s an epidemic!

    Sadly we can’t escape from pressure but there are ways to cope.

    Here are some tips to stress less.

    Don’t Ignore It

    It can be very tempting to “stay strong” by saying you’re OK when you’re not. Although it’s a cliché, acknowledging the problem is the beginning to dealing with it.

    Try to find the root of the problem and why it’s affecting you.

    Get Help

    Going and getting help might seem harder than you can consider but seeking help from your employer is the start of the resolution.

    There are so many ways you can be helped like with workload distribution, a new attitude but you won’t know unless you speak up.


    One of the common problems around the country is that there is never enough time to complete your work.

    Whereas all your workload is important, not all of it is urgent or should be done by yourself.

    See if you can get a plan together to get your workload under control. Consider delegating to a colleague who may have the capacity to complete the task.


    You may think it’s ‘big’ or ‘clever’ but skipping breaks isn’t you at your most efficient. This is a great contributor to ‘burning out’ because taking time out from your work can help you complete it more efficiently. Take your lunchbreak (or lots of mini-breaks) and recharge.

    Also, don’t constantly check your emails at home. Take your mind off of the task and your work completely, no one will thank you for killing yourself.


    Is your workspace conductive to productivity? For example: if you have an uncomfortable chair, that can lead to stress through a constant discomfort.

    Are you at the right height at your desk? And the big one: is your desk tidy? I know you may feel that your space might work better as you ‘know where everything is’ while it’s in a mess but actually subconsciously your mind will work better with a clear space.


    There are other simple things you can do to help. Avoiding caffeine (I understand some of you went into a cold sweat with that one); going to bed early; getting out and exercising all help.

    Consider keeping a diary of how you feel as this can really make a positive difference in your life.

    Don’t let the stress win.


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