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    Jan 2019


    Aren’t New Year’s resolutions great? All those things we say we’re going to do and eventually we sort of… give up…

    This isn’t a self-help blog but while our own lives are important and we should better ourselves personally, our work lives can be up to a third of all the time we’re on the planet so let’s focus on that. You never know, you might inspire your colleagues too.


    Sometimes your focus can slip, and jobs just seem to take forever. Take a dedicated effort to get your mind back on track (there are loads of tips on how stay on task. For example, doing lots of small tasks in a row can not only make you feel good about ticking off jobs from your list but can keep you going for the bigger stuff).

    Get everyone on board and give your boss a big smile; make it top priority so that you can see a change in your workplace ethic.


    Eating right is absolutely a personal goal that nearly everyone says they’re going to get right after the festive period but… what about bringing that attitude to the office?

    Not only will this create a new culture in your office, but you can actually encourage each other and keep one another accountable to your goals. Bringing your lunch to work will also save you money but remember also to include keeping the kitchen tidy as well!


    Push yourself, go on – go above and beyond what’s expected of you and go that extra mile doing better work. Promotions could be in your future, why not aim higher and by proxy your place of work will be improved. Little things can really add up and see things change across your business.


    If you are particularly bad at communication, then this is a priority for you! Remember that it’s two-way as it’s not just about speaking but about listening to – be aware of what’s being said and that what you need to get across is clear and concise. 


    When we look at the world it can be easy to put a negative spin on everything: just look at the mountains of books and films that see our future as a dystopia! Clearly, we live in times where we don’t see brightness heading our way…

    Be the person to buck the trend: get positive and optimistic. Some people can’t stand that person, but don’t listen to them just be positive anyway! It rubs off on people, an upbeat personality can change people’s moods and you could be that ray of light that people respond to. 

    Happy New Year

    Don’t just say it because it’s that time of year, wish it well on everyone – rebuild friendships, forgive people and look for the best in people. Your attitude can affect those around you.

    Summary Top 3:

    1 – PMA:Positive Mental Attitude
    2 – Intake: You are what you eat
    3 – Output: Get a list and tick those jobs off!

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