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    Dec 2018

    Save Money and the Planet with Office Recycling

    From guest blogger Katie of Alpha Logic

    Waste typically costs companies 4% of turnover and evidence shows that low or no cost actions such as increasing the amount you recycle can reduce waste by at least 10% and produce quick returns.

    In our experience, between 60-80% of your office waste will be paper and cardboard, so this can be recycled easily and save space and clutter.

    You may also have other items and equipment to dispose of such as printer cartridges, plastic bottles, food and drink cans and broken or out-of-date electrical goods.

    An office-recycling scheme has begun to be adopted by many businesses, it is easy to set up and we can guarantee that your staff will like to be involved. Many of them will be recycling at home and will understand the process.

    The good news is that because waste is highly visible, it’s easy to deal with and done correctly a comprehensive recycling initiative can result in an organisation sending zero to landfill.

    By recycling these you will be helping yourselves and the planet—sending waste to landfill is costly and unhealthy for our communities

    One way to reduce the paper waste is to set up all printers on double-side (duplex) printing and this could literally half your consumption (and cost) overnight.

    Secondly, introduce a print strategy on the basis that research has found that in some offices around 30% of jobs sent to the printer are never collected and discarded as waste.

    By installing software that enables users to print to the network and then retrieve jobs to any solution-enabled device (pull printing) unclaimed documents are virtually eliminated and there’s an increase in efficiency too.

    From then on, the smart move is to introduce a recycling system, so start small and let it grow over time.

    Always begin with paper and card then expand to include other materials such as glass, plastics, light bulbs, batteries, toners and bulky equipment such as unwanted furniture and IT equipment.

    The key to success is to invest in good bins and clear labelling; colour-coded waste bins for each recycling option with practical guidelines for employees is an important feature of an efficient recycling system.

    A tough but necessary action is to remove all general waste bins including those personal bins under each staff member’s desk.

    Once the system becomes routine and the benefits of recycling become obvious, you will be well on your way to becoming a sustainable business—a sure way to keep both staff and customers happy.

    Alpha Logic is an independent waste management company that helps organisations across the South West to transform how they dispose of their waste.


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