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    Nov 2018

    New Creative Paper Stocks!

    Beautiful design is only part of the story, what if you could think a little further outside of the box? We have a few recommendations in regards to stock (thickness of paper/card) and size and the finish but now we can introduce ‘creative stocks’ to give you more options which maybe give that extra edge in your business stationery and marketing.

    Here’s a little guide to our new creative stocks range:


    • Brown, Recycled stock
    • 280 gsm
    • Good for business cards and greeting cards
    • Light shades recommended in artwork
    • Retro/Vintage look

    Woodstock Betulla Pulp

    • Natural/Organic look
    • 80% recycled/20% chlorine free fibres
    • Opake and lighter colours recommended
    • Tip: allow the stock to look like part of the design

    Mohawk Felt Cream

    new creative paper stocks

    • Most textured stock
    • Creamy tone especially good for wedding stationery
    • Minimal design recommended
    • Note: textured stock can leave image looking ‘mottled’

    Tintoretto by Fedrigoni

    • Textured and uncoated
    • Felt-marked on both sides (so feels soft-touch)
    • Looks like sketchpad paper
    • Tip: Renaissance artwork looks great on this

    Conqueror Wove

    new creative paper stocks

    • In standard white or cream
    • Made from 25% cotton fibres for soft finish
    • High-end feel
    • Recommended for invites or luxury business cards

    Ice Gold

    new creative paper stocks

    • A pearlescent paper that sparkles in the light
    • White with the ‘gold’ undertone
    • Recommended for Christmas products

    Of course these aren’t an exhaustive selection of our paper or card stocks. We deal with a vast range of materials if you can’t see what you’re looking for please contact us and ask.

    Alternatively if you need help with design work or maybe a few pointers in marketing or branding, don’t hesitate to contact Scribble & Think who are experts in these things.

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