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    Sep 2019

    Show Business

    If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably been to or exhibited at a business show or expo. We’ve done a few ourselves, here are some tips from what we’ve picked up over the years.

    1 – Locale

    If you get to choose your location then do so.

    Some places will charge a little extra to get the premium spots and they can go fast. If your budget will allow get in ahead of the competition, find out early and get that spot.

    If you are year-in year-out regulars at particular shows, use that advantage to leverage your spot every year.

    2 – Hey Good Lookin’

    If your stand looks good people will be attracted to it.

    Put effort into how appealing you’re making yourselves out to be; big colours, lights with your message clear and concise.

    Investing in roller banners, podiums and display stands can increase your reach.

    Would you stop by your stand?

    3 – Approachable

    Is your stand approachable with smiling happy people having fun?

    Is there reading material your clients can take away easy enough like fliers and pamphlets?

    Some people who repsond better to visuals might respond better to a video playing. Keep the stand manned at all times to answer questions and to engage with people.

    4 – Host with the Most

    Hosts are very important in attracting people.

    Have someone trained so they can answers questions and direct people to the right member of staff. These people who can actively meet their needs can really leave a memorable experience.

    5 – Special Offers

    What about the ‘buy now to get this special deal’ offers?

    Clearly hightlight the offer and make sure your potential customer knows they need to buy there and then to take advantage of that offer.

    6 – “Roll Up, Roll Up”

    Competitions are great at business shows like ‘guess how many jelly beans are in the jar’ contests.

    Requiring your visitors to give their email address for your mailing lists to participate is a good encouragement.

    7 – Nibbles

    With all our office based work we can sometimes find ourselves wasting away walking around at these shows…

    Ok maybe that was a mild exaggeration but drinks and snacks are very much appreciated.

    What about bottles of water with your branding on? Simple little things like that can make you stand out in the attendees minds.

    8 – You’re the Expert

    One of the things you’ll want the attendees to take away after seeing you will be your expertise.

    Show them that you know your stuff, you can be the go-to company for what they need and give them advice on what you’re business is about.

    9 – Be Social

    Engage with people on social media: interact with those who have used the ‘check in’ feature. Search through relevant hashtags and those who have mentioned the show on the various platforms.

    Invite these people to visit your stall and offer something for those who connect with you through social media.

    10 – Promotional Gear

    There is so much you can give away that will continue to promote you long after the show has ended.

    Useful items like pens, mugs, bags and coasters can be contast reminders of meeting you and prompt them to use your services and products.

    Maybe something a little unusual like phone charger banks and similar gadgets can help promote you. Giveaways, and even conditional giveaways, really draw people and help promote your business.

    And Finally…

    A lot of planning goes into successfully promoting your stall at a business expo as well as finanical investment if you really want to see success through it.

    Do your reserach, keep innovating and review how you’re doing. Keep in mind to continually improve your game.

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