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    Oct 2017

    Sit. Stand. Sit Again

    So today I am standing at my desk. Yep, that’s right STANDING with my sit-stand desk.

    I’ve had this sit-stand desk top thing now for about a month and I reckon that I now stand for well over half my day.

    Not sure why but I’ve wanted to try a sit-stand desk for a long time now. I never did anything about it until we started getting enquiries from our customers about us getting one for them.

    So a month in and I’m a convert: standing EVERY day. Since I spend 70% of the time I am at my desk the weight is falling off me and I feel great!

    My legs are toned, back is straight as a pole and no need to go to the gym anymore! (Combined with these office-health tips it can really help you out)

    In fact pretty much a miraculous turn around with one simple desk top attachment… OK… so maybe a little exaggeration!

    Genuinely I love it and I do feel more energised at work and feel better about myself.

    I don’t struggle with backache so much which used to be a real problem if I stood for too long. Not anymore!

    So how does the whole sit stand thing work?


    Sit Stand


    2 options a desk top unit like I have (see above) or a proper electric sit-stand desk where the legs extend and the whole desk rises.

    Of course the desk top version is cheaper (about £225.00) and of courseGordon insisted that would be the better option for me as the ‘full on’ sit-stand desks start at around £699.00!

    Sit. Stand


    I googled the advantages and apparently (you don’t need to take my word for it) the internet it littered with stats and facts to support my notion that this is a great addition to your work environment.

    Of course, if you look hard enough you can find the opposing facts and figures! I was going to list some here for you but figured if you need confirmation you can Google it just like me! Anyway, this is just me saying that I love my new standing regime in the office.

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