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    Oct 2020

    Soap Vs. Sanitiser: Dawn of Justice…

    Remember when we were all excited for Batman Vs. Superman back in 2016…?

    🦇 vs. 🦸

    Well the nerds were (like this blogwriter) and it’s obviously a fight that fans have argued over for many years. The current fight of our generation is ‘Soap Vs. Sanitiser’ – who would win?

    Let’s ask the question then: which is the more hygienic? Which is the best in the war against the germ?

    The Sanitiser (Sounds like a super villain) 🧴

    The coronavirus days will be remembered in years gone by as the ‘sanitiser boom’ in the health sector. You can find rows and rows of sanitisers saying they are killing 99% of all germs, alcohol based etc. But not all sanitisers are created equal… because which sanitiser matters.

    So alcohol is a pretty important ingredient: the best sanitisers have an ethyl alcohol content between 60%-70%. Most brands tend to have this as standard but whereas it sounds good that some have ‘natural’ active ingredients that are alcohol free, these brands actually aren’t good enough. If you want an effective sanitiser it needs to reduce the most microbes from a surface.

    For the sanitiser to do the job on your hands then ideally you need to get them wet enough so it takes between 15 to 20 seconds for them to dry. Slap it on!

    If your hands are sticky or mucky or covered in dirt then actually, sanitising isn’t going to help you.

    Soap-er Man (See what I did there?) 🧼

    Did you know that unlike sanitiser, hand washing gets rid of all bacteria and germs and removes pathogens (organisms that can lead to disease). It is actually the best way for your hands to stay hygienic because it gets rid of all dirt, detritus and muck.

    You see it’s not just what’s in the hand soap that combats these nasty things but the physical act of lathering followed by rinsing with water. Soap combined with water is one amazing team-up than water on its own: soap loosens the grip germs have on your hands.

    The Showdown 🥊

    It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? The recommendation that sciencey people are telling us is that hand washing is the key to decking them germs.

    While sanitising is a good stop-gap measure if you’re away from the sink but it’s not worth relying on it over good old-fashioned hand washing. In fact, over sanitising can kill the good bacteria (which is something you don’t want to do).

    Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly! 


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