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    Sep 2020

    Going the (Social) Distance

    When lockdown came in at the end of March, I bet that a few of us thought it was going to be for around six weeks then we’d all get back to normal…

    Oh my how wrong were we?

    We can let worry be the name of the game with wondering ‘how do we do this’. A lot of us are trying our best to get ‘back to normal’ but realistically we’re navigating a ‘new normal’ of masks, barriers, dedicated entrances, exits and lots of sanitiser.

    You’re probably already practicing new policies in regards to keeping people safe at your workplace. Here’s a few tips that you may not have thought of or to reassure you’re on the right track.

    “Stay Back Foul Beast!!!”

    Ok maybe that sounds a bit dramatic and a little like Gandalf trying to keep a goblin at bay but similarly our ‘personal space’ bubbles need to grow.

    Without being as rude as mentioned above, it’s perfectly acceptable to say to your work colleagues that they are getting too close. Remember that actually it’s not just your health that they are threatening but it’s their own.

    We must all stay very aware that the virus can be spread through close contact so set your boundaries and don’t feel awkward about reminding your colleagues that we’re all trying to stay safe.


    You said that? Remember the 90s when Jim Carrey became king with films like Ace Ventura and yes… the Mask! (Hint, hint)

    Face masks are pretty good at reducing the spread of anything, especially when everyone is sensible and wearing them. These are even helpful within close quarters.

    However, as you’ve probably noticed that some people are struggling with putting them on correctly. Remember the mask needs to cover both your mouth and your nose!

    In offices there’s a new innovation with safety screens by desks so people can work together yet have the barrier to keep germs at bay.

    Thems the Rules

    Having policies in the office are a great way to keeping your workforce safe. When there are policies in place, it is far easier to refer to them so you can be assertive with your colleagues.

    At Scribble we’ve put signs around indicating people shouldn’t come in if they’ve been ill within a certain period of time. The now familiar sanitising stations are found every three feet, again with signage asking people to use them before entering.

    Using clearly marked out areas, barriers and directions can also add to the safety of your staff and visitors.

    Outside the Box Thinking

    The virus’ impact has caused us all to think outside of our ‘going-through-the-motions’ way of thinking. Many, many businesses have discovered that working from home is entirely possible for their workers. If your business is in need of more space for your staff, consider what working from home might look like (which we realise isn’t possible for everyone).

    Other questions need to be asked: can the work day have earlier shifts or working late? Can certain people work on the weekend rather than the weekday? Are there possibilities you might not have been considered?

    What’s Next?

    As coming back to work out of the lockdown is seen as a welcome relief, it can also be a time of anxiety and uncertainty with the virus still being active in our world.

    The evidence seems to indicate though that social distancing is still a strong contender for keeping the virus in check. We need to keep looking after one another as we navigate these ‘unprecedented times.’


    Need any help with staying safe in the office? We’ve got screens, sanitiser, face masks… just give us a call and ask.

    And need supplies for your staff working at home, we can help with that too

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