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    Mar 2020

    Stationery isn’t Stationary

    Interesting to note that even in our movement to becoming digital that stationery is still a necessity in a lot of different places.

    Pens and paper are still vital to a lot of offices and schools. You look at Star Trek and you don’t really see people with writing implements or notebooks but you do see them with what looks like iPads! The vision of the future hasn’t quite reached us yet, with laptops and mobiles being helpful additions to the pens and paper we’re still using.

    You may think that traditional stationery is firmly on the decline, and while that may be the case overall their are still plenty of manufacturers making stylish pens and notebooks. Just take a peek in Waterstones at the gift section and you’ll some very fancy notebooks.

    Writing vs. Typing

    Interestingly, handwriting and typing use different cognitive skills. When you write, you are processing many different factors as opposed to typing. With writing you’re creating shapes from memory of curves and lines and the physicality of using a writing implement. Children take years to develop skill in what we adults take for granted. Typing pretty much relies on just knowing where the right key is.

    A test was made by researchers Marieke Longchamp and Jean-Luc Velay who discovered children who learned letters by writing them remembered them better than those who just typed them. In fact, those who have a stroke are encouraged to trace letters and words with their hands to help them jog their memory in remembering the alphabet. It’s this physical act of movement which helps with their recovery.

    It’s Good for our Brains to Write!

    As well as this muscle memory being good for us, it’s also worth to note that writing also helps relax the brain. Writing helps us to focus on what we’re doing as our devices where we type are chock full of distractions: the calming of effect of simple writing shouldn’t be ignored.

    Well, armed with this information what’s the best pens and notebooks to be using?

    Office stationery tends to be more stylish than your ‘normal’ pens and paper. Did you know even fountain pens in 2018 have had a rise in sales!

    You may not be looking for the nicest of pens for your day-to-day office usage but the conclusion here is that ordinary stationery isn’t fully disappearing at any point soon.

    Paper is still going into the photocopier. People are still using notebooks, pens, diaries, rulers, pencils… etc. and probably will for some time to come!​

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