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    Oct 2020

    The ‘New Normal’ Products

    It’s been said before but words like ‘unprecedented’, ‘pandemic’ and ‘new normal’ have crept into our everyday language. It’s just one of the many “wonderful” changes that 2020 has brought us!

    We’ve made the commitment to support your business in #StayingSafe with a range of products which have now also become the ‘new normal.’

    You’re probably getting very familiar with the various products below – please click on a product to see the various items we have in each range.

    Safety Masks

    Sneeze Guards

    Hand Sanitiser

    Surface Wipes

    Safety Signs


    The clever scientist bods seem to keep saying that this ‘new normal’ will be with us for a little while longer yet. As well as practicing social distancing, make sure your business is keeping your staff and customers safe.

    Need any advice? Give us a ring and we’ll see what we can do.

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