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    Aug 2020

    We’ve Gone GoCardless

    A helpful bit of news for our customers is we want to help reduce workloads so we’re introducing GoCardless payments for all our customers.

    We made the decision in March 2020 to stop accepting cheque payments to reduce trips to the bank and wanted to replace it with another option.

    The reason for offering you GoCardless payments are:

    •             Preferred payment option – Direct Debit through GoCardless is now our preferred way to take payments, because it’s easy to use and benefits for us both.

    •             Set and forget –by paying via Direct Debit,  you only need to set up payment once, and after that all future payments are taken automatically on the invoice due date. There’s no need to set diary reminders, log into internet banking to make a payment to us.

    •             Never get chased for late payment – payments via Direct Debit are automatic, so you’ll never get a call from Lesley or Jude to make payments.

    •             In control and protected – and don’t worry payments via Direct Debit are never taken without advance notification given by email beforehand. And if a payment is ever taken in error, you are guaranteed a refund.

    •             Better for budgeting – for your copier and printer rentals paying via Direct Debit on an agreed fixed date makes cash flow and budgeting simpler.

    And an added incentive for signing up is that for the months of August and September we’ll give £10 to charity (50% to each) – Lebanon Relief  & NHS Charities Together

    Our Payment Options Are:

    •             BACs
    •             GoCardless
    •             Debit & Credit Card payments

    If you have any questions please give Lesley a call – 01626 333485


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