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    Sep 2018

    Life-Changing Customer Service

    “Customer service is the most important part of any business.”

    That’s quite a statement, isn’t it? But why should customer service be so important to your business?

    Two factors contribute to the improvement of business operations and they are to decrease your costs or to increase your sales (and hopefully both). Customer service, when done well, can lead to increased sales for you and your business.

    Here are some ideas behind customer service being the most important part of your business:


    Loyalty is sometimes hard to come by, but for consumers and clients loyalty is earned and kept because there are good reasons to stay. There’s probably loads of competition for businesses so good customer service results in loyalty.


    Experience for a lot of people is more important than price and actually, a lot of people feel there’s no comparison for good customer service. i.e. people are willing to pay more to have the right experience.


    Word of mouth is still as strong as ever and it can be a great ally or a formidable foe! What your customers say to others about you is key to how you treat them and will result in how they view you. Imagine you’ve helped someone out in a particular area, they are more likely to recommend you to someone else.


    Sadly there isn’t a sure-fire way to cease all problems with your business either because of situations out of your control or unreasonable customers (perish the thought!). This can be dealt with good customer service as your customers know they can freely talk to you about their issues and that you’ll solve them efficiently that great customer service results in increased confidence in you and your abilities to serve them properly.


    What people want from businesses nowadays are good experiences, not just buying your wares. If you’re offering bad customer service then that will result in a loss of business for you as consumers today want to be treated like a human, feel like they are important and are getting the best advice and help they can get.

    Without good customer service, you may find your business on the ropes and we’re trying our hardest to get this right and learning all the time.

    Please let us know if you don’t feel like we’re winning in our quest to offer great customer service or areas you think we should be focusing on.

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