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    Jul 2018

    Toner talk

    Printing can be an expensive business. We should know!

    Manufacturer toners and cartridges that are available can easily be in the hundreds to buy, which means your overheads can be stretched.


    There are, however, alternatives to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) models.

    We call them Compatible Cartridges, which are cheaper alternatives to the OEMs when available. They are mass produced to keep costs down, generally not made from recycled parts, and because they don’t have the guarantee of the big brand manufacturers, some consider them not to share the quality of the named brands.


    Even with these things in mind, there are great advantages to having compatible toners over the originals:


    Lower Prices

    Obviously when prices are lower, it is an attractive option, I mean who doesn’t want to reduce costs? You’d be amazed at the savings that can be made (up to 85%)

    This is because the reduplicated compatibles take less time to make, there is no R&D investment, and there is a simplified design. Because the manufacturers are saving money themselves by making more generalised toners, the savings can be passed on to you.


    With all things, there are pros and cons to having compatible toners; as OEMs are built with endurable materials, buying a OEM cartridge is like buying a Rolls Royce car, the very best you can buy, but at a price! And not everyone can afford, or wants to spend the money on the very best.

    Manufacturers will always encourage you to buy the original toner but if you’re savvy then you can get a lot from your toners and save money.

    It’s always best to use the compatible toners fully when you get them rather than leave them on a shelf, or even half-used. Compatibles are economically more sound when you have a printer on the go constantly, as the materials used in compatibles don’t perform as well when left static for a while, but as long as there’s regular usage you‘ll be fine.

    On occasion, the mass produced compatible toner might not communicate with your printer. Each toner and cartridge comes with a little microchip that speaks with your printer, telling it how much toner is left and when its running out. It’s good to note that while you’re not using original toners, the chip can sometimes miscommunicate how many pages are left to print. Always consult with your supplier to find how you can get the best out of your compatible toners.


    But wait!

    There’s a third option that sits beautifully between the compatible cartridges and the OEMs and that’s the award winning MSE Brand. These toner cartridges have a great reputation for being reliable yet more cost effective for our customers.

    Where the compatible toners save you up to 85%, the MSEs will save you 25-40% but in our experience they match performance and quality of the OEM.

    Originals or Compatibles (or MSEs), Then?

    While OEMs will be built specifically for your printer, compatibles can save you a lot of money. When researching whether you want OEMs, compatibles or MSEs, talk with your supplier (us) about their (our) guarantees and who they trust to deliver a quality product.

    Fortunately with Scribble & Ink our compatible toners are fully guaranteed, so if there are any problems with the toner then we are happy to replace or send in our repair guys to sort the issue out.

    Have a great day,


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