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    Aug 2018

    Our Ethos!

    We recently participated in a study about how our company works and after four individuals were interviewed independently, we ended up saying very similar answers which indicated that we were all on the same page when it comes to our company ethos.

    Ethos is a Greek words which means ‘character’ and regularly is used to mean a set of guiding beliefs, principals and ideals that a group or company fall under. Having an established ethos is key to how your staff, customers and other businesses see you and communicate you to others.

    Another way of putting this is ‘building culture’, something we are particularly serious about at Scribble (see, we can be sensible sometimes). Through our interviews from the above study, we each talked a lot about the atmosphere at Scribble & Ink of the collaborative nature within our business to succeed together.

    We have supportive culture where we are constantly ‘for’ each other, encouragement being a strong part of who we are. Even failure is ‘celebrated’ as a learning experience because the staff are valued and not just the work. The results of this are that happy staff means a better performance and while you can’t eliminate all stress from someone’s life, you can make it better for them so they can work more efficiently. This feeling of value then spills over to the customer; if your employee feels valued then your customer will reap the benefit!

    ‘If You Look After Your Staff, They’ll Look After Your Customers. It’s That Simple’. – Richard Branson

    A lot of what we do is creative and that doesn’t mix well with a quiet and dull environment, which is why we stick the tunes on! We crank the Spotify playlist and sing along; whereas some may see this as a distraction we use it to fuel our creativity (and sometimes the really creative guys stick their headphones on and put their heads down to focus as not to completely distract everyone).

    As you can see from our Positive Quotes, we don’t tend to take ourselves too seriously yet we take our work very seriously as well as our customers’ expectations of what we can produce.



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