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    Sep 2018

    Free Stuff!!

    How come we all love FREE stuff?

    We do – doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing FREE stuff is amazing


    Why not tap into this national obsession and get some FREE stuff to your customers?

    The ‘promotional giveaway’ is something people love to get their hands on, and when they do, they feel warmer toward our brand and our company – even if for just a moment.

    It’s all about being attractive, eye catching and fun, it’s about improving your brand’s image to encourage turning your prospects into buyers. There’s an entire realm of potential when it comes to your branded merchandise to go beyond just the next business show – branded notebooks and pens are used constantly in offices so why shouldn’t they use yours?

    Some businesses have a huge budget for their expos, knowing that a good looking stall and strong giveaways are a powerful tools in their marketing mix.

    Don’t discount the branded merchandise too quickly, as you see people walking around with another company’s branded tote bags advertising their brand instead of yours.

    Did You Know Branded Merchandise…

    …Increases Your Stands’ Traffic at a Business Show

    If you have promotional giveaways then a considerable amount of interest will come your way at your stand over those who don’t give anything away. Your stand is competing with pretty much every other represented business there and you need to stand out: and the trick is to attract your potential clients to it. What better way than being enticing with branded giveaways.

    …Is a Good Reminder of Your Brand

    While competing with everyone else you need to be the business that stands out amongst the various stands. You want people to not only be attracted then but also to remember who you are when they’ve left the expo. One way of doing this: the right branded merchandise product with your logo on it that goes with winning personalities and services that people want to keep using and remembering your business.

    …Improves Your Image

    You want clients to warm to your brand, for them to want to want you to help them. Another way of putting this is ‘how do you want your customers to feel about you?’ A great functioning pen or trendy notepad that get used often can really make you feel something about the business you got them from. GOOD promo merchandise is what you want to aim for, not any old tat with your logo on. You need to look for items that fit your brand not just your budget.

    …Adds to Your Display (Which Needs to be Easy on the Eye)

    As we’ve said above, don’t just have anything to give away – you’ve got to make sure it’s good. In the same way, your display needs to be good too. The visual is important to attract people and if you sell products as part of your business, you’ll know how key it is to have quality items but make it all part of the same thing – integrate your items into your displays. Create a visual delight that people are drawn to.

    Business Show Success

    If you are serious about your presentations at a business show –  Don’t put chairs on the stand for your staff,  instead ensure your people understand why they are there and how they should behave.

    Find passionate people who love your company and love your brand, so that when promotional giveaways are handed out they have added value, not only do we love FREE stuff we also like happy enthusiastic people!

    FREE stuff with your brand on it ….Why not give us a call and get your merch sorted?



    Scribble & Ink have had experience of a number of business shows over the years with great looking roller banners, flyers and wrap-around stands being staple features.

    We can help with design and supply of all of these items – and of course we do FREE stuff!

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    Have a great day,



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