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    Jul 2019

    Your Space

    Some of us have a passion for moving furniture around a room until it perfect. Then moving it around again… and maybe again… Some like it very practical and functional, while others like a less formal space.

    It is true though that creating a unique office environment that is your space so you can work at your most efficient will see your business benefit.

    Here are some ideas:


    Your core values need to permeate every fibre of your business, so why not in the structure of your room?

    For example: if you are keen on staying green then you need to take this into account. Are you passionate about teamwork and does your desk position reflect this? These and other things will absolutely dictate your space.

    If it’s a green office you want, do you have separate waste bins for recyclables and waste? Is your furniture made from recycled materials? Are there plants (and the space for them) to be put around the office?

    And if you are trying to foster a collaborative space, then is there easily accessible Wi-Fi, workspaces where people can communicate easily and effectively? Do you need whiteboards for ideas/progress reports?

    It’s Not Just an Office

    If a client came in for the first time, what would they say about your office?

    Of course, you want your space to be functional. You need it so you and your staff can produce your best work. With this in mind; think how you can make a place that’s inspiring for you and your clients.

    Start with the entrance: how can people feel welcomed when they enter your space? What kind of colours are you using and are you thinking about how these colours can be inviting as well as conductive to a focussed working environment? If there is a piece of furniture or art that will stand out to you then it’s probably going to stand out to your customers too.

    That feature could even be that ‘that thing in their office.’


    Creating a unique office space that adheres to and reflects the core values of the business easily encourages this in your staff. As this will be a priority, you can share that with your customers, a unique office certainly helps with this.

    Maybe even take a leaf from Google’s book and get inspiringly creative without being completely work focussed. Of course, you need to meet those deadlines and have a strong work ethic but having an area where you are away from your desk to rest and enjoy themselves in breaktimes actually benefits the long-term work goal. Your employees will also appreciate the place to relax and be grateful: who doesn’t like thankful people?

    Final Thoughts

    If you have the chance to design, or re-design, your office try to keep these things in mind as your let your brand flow through not only your marketing and visuals but through your attitude and workspace so that you create a great and exciting place for your staff and customers.

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