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Scribble Secure Document Shredding

One of the best and most secure ways to destroy or dispose of paper documents is to have them securely shredded.

We can help with this

The team here at Scribble are standing by to help, we can rid you of those piles of paper, which, because of GDPR, can’t be thrown away.

Don’t let old papers become fire and trip hazards adding to your risk assessments!

Let us collect and destroy unneeded, and confidential documents.

We provide a safe and secure, GDPR compliant service.

And everything, we mean everything, is recycled making it the greenest choice too

Avoid overflowing filing cabinets, storage boxes and those piles of shredding you keep meaning to get to or a shredder that keeps jamming or overheating by using our confidential waste collection service.

Contact us for your shredding needs and see how we can help you with a hassle free service.

GDPR Compliant

The introduction of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) has meant that the way data is collected, handled and used has changed. Not only that but also how data is disposed of.

Our shredding services are completely compliant, meaning you won’t have to worry about fines or charges that may be incurred from improper disposal.

Pickup Services

We offer a one-time service, for collection of annual or accumulated papers, or regular monthly pickups, we can be your partners in data and document shredding.

If you deal with paper documents in high volumes we can arrange to shred on a regular basis by:

  • Providing lockable consuls for sensitive documents
  • Providing bags so you can get paper ready for collections
  • Picking up the bins, or bags, on your preferred time scale
  • Not only papers but data disks, hard drives and all electronically stored data
  • Providing you with certification of destruction, confirming your compliance


Whether you require our shredding services to dispose of personal or business data for yourself, your company or its clients, Scribble can handle your needs safely, compliantly, and quickly.

From the highly sensitive, like old banking and financial records, to the innocuous and unnecessary, like memos and printed emails and messages, secure shredding can be the best, quickest and most environmentally friendly way of destroying old data.
Secure shredding is the number one solution to keep sensitive or confidential information away from prying eyes, so when it comes time to think shredding, we want you to think Scribble!


Scribble Shredding Services

We’ve been using Scribble & Ink for our monthly shredding collections since 2017, the collections save us time and hassle as we know every month our confidential waste is collected and disposed of in a safe & secure way. We receive a certificate of destruction to keep our records up to date. The team are on hand to help if we have any questions, nothing is too much trouble!
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