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Conference and Exhibitions

There’s a huge potential for business at business shows and expos, sometimes with hundreds of stalls and YOU need to stand out. As your possible customers are walking around there’s one question on everyone’s mind: “which stand did they get that from?”

We can help with those giveaways to get people stopping at your stand and talking about your business, you could have pens and bags on your stand, but how about power banks and torches, or ice scrapers and tape measures, it’s worth thinking about when you want your customers to remember you’re there and ready to supply them, this can be different for all businesses so think outside the box, we put together a swag bag to help give you some ideas


There’s So Much We Can Cover

Theres plenty of products you can use to fill your swag bags ands give out for free. Some of our favourites are mentioned on our “keyring & Giveaways” page. If there is a specific product you’re after that’s not listed. Get in touch – We can still help!

or give us a call on 01626 333485 to discuss your needs

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