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    Oct 2020

    Business Stationery and Why Your Small Business Doth Need It

    Branding is important. You could end the blog right there…

    Communication is important whether that’s over the phone, online or with a business card in your hand.  Let’s delve into why your small business really does need some decent personalised business stationery.


    Every time people see or hear anything to do with your business, you are communicating something to them. You want people to think of you when they see anything to do with you: having brand guidelines are really helpful to keep this consistent across all your avenues.

    Custom letterheads, leaflets and business cards should reflect the brand on your website, emails and signage. When everything looks the same then people understand that it is the same business. Let your brand be consistent across the board to keep your message the consistent.


    By bringing all your stationery (and branding) into line the overall message is that you care. With all the time and energy putting into brand consistency then people will see that it has worth.

    Your business card isn’t a lightweight ice scraper, it’s an important tool for your networking to help you get more business. Let your design flow across everything you’ve got to network with and people will see what you’ve got. Put time into it!



    Design isn’t everyone’s bag. There are lots of different websites that offer cheap and easy ways of getting designs done but when something’s cheap, it might not be the best you could get.

    Scribble & Ink’s sister company Scribble & Think have experience in rebrands and are pretty good at making sure you communicate you. If you’re interested in a rebrand or a refresh then give them a shout.

    (Un) Complicated

    Here’s a short ‘how to’ with some of the standard business stationery.


    Once your design is there, you just feed the paper in (the right way up) into your printer or copier and print. The important information about will be on the top or the bottom and will look impressive when you send these out to customers or prospects.

    Business Cards

    These little creatures can be your best salesmen! You have no idea when you’ll meet your next customer so keeping a stock of these is worth having on hand.

    Compliment Slips

    These are useful for your showing care to your customer by sending them with orders with a short handwritten note. Essentially they’ve got the same information as a business card but has ‘with compliments’ written on it.


    When you are a smaller business you really need to make a strong first impression as many won’t have the experience of you yet. If you are remembered for good reasons like professionalism, a great brand combined with your agreeable personality then you’re onto a winner.

    With your own business stationery, you are saying you are to be taken seriously.


    It is vital that with everything you have with your brand on it that you include your contact details. Sounds like trying to teach granny to suck eggs right? If people can’t get hold of you then what’s the point?

    We have a term in Scribble talking about ‘the pizza advert.’ Everyone likes pizza but maybe not at the time that you get the flyer and people will put it in a draw. When you do want the pizza, you go to the draw and get the details. If you’re giving out the stationery with your details on then when you’re needed they’re gonna go for you!

    Business Stationery


    Command (Attention)

    Billions of emails are flying through the air as we speak! When we’re getting hundreds into our inboxes everyday, your wonderful service might be lost in a sea of spam.

    You know a personalised letter (or even those beautiful compliment slips) might really make the difference to secure a loyal customer.


    It’s definitely time to consider business stationery as part of your marketing arsenal.

    Or need a reprint? Check out our print service.

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