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    Mar 2020

    Working From Home

    Clearly working from home is becoming the modern norm due to the Coronavirus. When working from home, there are several health & safety considerations to take into account.


    With seated work the agreed comfortable working temperature is between 21-24c. The real question is are you able to maintain this level of heating?

    In the hotter months, is there sufficient ventilation so you’re not too uncomfortable to work?


    Having the right amount of light to see is important but not so much that there is glare on your screen. Do you have or need a desk lamp for your work?

    Fire Safety

    When you are doing your job at home it’s still considered a place of work. With this in mind do you have easy means of escape in case of a fire?

    Make sure that your smoke detectors are functioning correctlyas well as being mindful of combustable items and substances.

    Check online for help with fire safety.


    Have you enough room to work properly? Make sure you have enough room so you’re not climbing over things and that you have enough storage for your needs.


    Your company is responsible for its own equipment but the power supplied, power sockets and other electrical systems are the homeowner’s responsibility.

    Are your electrical installations all up to spec and provide protection to yourself and the equipment?

    The Equipment Supplied

    Whatever appliances are supplied by your company need to be correct for the job, adequately maintained with proper instructions and training given.

    It is your responsibility to bring in the equipment to the office for testing whenever you are required to do so.

    The Equipment… that isn’t Supplied

    Any equipment that isn’t from your company needs to safe and fit for purpose. The equipment should be listed and for what activity with an assurance it is good for the job in hand.

    This includes your broadband connection and having sufficient download speeds for your tasks.


    With working from home, it’s worth taking into account the different kinds of stress that arise.

    Consider your domestic distractions; lack of supervision; workload; home/work balance and feelings of isolation might contribute to overall stress.


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